Trussardi Lifestyle

Tradition, research and innovation. These are the three key words of the Trussardi company. This has enabled it to become the world’s leading Lifestyle brand, anticipating styles and trends.


Trussardi was founded in 1911 in Bergamo. Originally as a workshop that produced gloves for an upscale clientele. The house founded by Dante quickly became one of the most renowned on the international accessory market. In fact, this is how it became the official supplier to the English royal family.

The greyhound

 In 1973, Trussardi was the first ready-to-wear house to adopt a symbol to identify all its products: the greyhound, which is the symbol of agility and dynamism. But also for its elegant and sporty look. The greyhound is a symbol of curiosity and elegance mixed with a touch of irreverence. It is available in several collections. And as a model for the 2014 campaigns. The year 1976 marks the inauguration of the first Trussardi boutique in Milan.


But Trussardi did not stop there. In the 80s, it was renowned for its many artistic collaborations. It collaborated with major Italian brands such as Alitalia, Garelli. As well as Augusta and Alfa Romeo. Affirming by the way its authentic Italian style by launching its ready-to-wear collections.

Research as a motivation

Research has always been the starting point. For every piece and project of the Trussardi group. The tradition of the most refined leather working methods is combined with a constant study of new techniques. For the manufacture of pieces and the elaboration of materials. Putting the brand at the centre of new design and fashion trends on an international scale.

Among the brand’s collections we can find accessories. But also clothes for men and women. Always at the cutting edge of fashion. Like sneakers, bags and caps. But also suits and blazers for men. And then there are shirts, jeans and skirts. Collections with an assertive style. With quality materials. And undeniable know-how. So they appeal to fashion lovers. Those who want to follow the trends. And to be able to express their style.

In the spotlight

The Trussardi group has managed to cross the last century without the slightest hitch, thanks in particular to its great creativity, allowing it to constantly renew and reinvent itself. Whether in fashion, design or catering. Trussardi is always at the forefront of the scene. The brand knows how to combine the culture and identity of its brand with its vision of modernity. It can be said that the house possesses all the qualities necessary for great prosperity. Thanks to its highly contemporary dynamism.

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