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At only 22 years old, Marco Palmieri. An engineering student, founded the Piquadro brand. Near Bologna, Italy. Originally Piquadro was a small company specialized in the production of leather goods for third parties. Even today, the brand still serves as a reference point for professional and travel leather goods.

Innovative design

Piquadro quickly grew to become a major player in the market. So much that it has become a major attraction for the public. It offers accessories with innovative designs, and very quickly made a name for its striking leather quality, remarkable Italian craftsmanship, but above all because it offers increasingly connected objects. Piquadro is firstly the story of a meeting between innovation and the traditions of leather goods. The story of an engineer’s encounter with the world of leather.


Marco Palmieri knows that in luxury it is often the brand name that counts, whereas in premium it is innovation that makes the difference. So he makes it his credo, always innovating, always keeping in mind this futuristic vision. Thus he uses innovation to improve and increase the performance of the products and the aesthetics of materials.

Consequently to never be short of ideas and always find innovative solutions. The brand regularly collaborates with universities. Young talents then bring a fresh and modern vision to the creation of new products. Furthemore, they are confronted with concrete cases that allow them to fully express their creativity.

Leather goods

With this in mind, Piquadro stands out for its creativity, its innovative and avant-garde spirit. As well as its sensitivity for design and for its informal and professional style. The brand expresses a high-performance design combining originality and Italian style.

Among these original collections are backpacks and computer bags. But also key rings and wallets. Always more innovative.


Piquadro has recently acquired the Lancel brand, with the aim of finding a company with a history. It hopes to bring that little touch of modernism and innovation that has been missing from the brand for a long time.

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