Brand Nicolo Tonetto


The brand has chosen to unite styles and cultural diversities in a single universe, in which, following this concept, no distinction is made between the notion of age or gender. All collections are then created and designed to be unisex and suitable for all ages.

The designer

Born in a small town near Milan, Nicolò Tonetto expressed his personality and authenticity every day of his life. After a few years as a professional football player. He began to express himself as a street video actor, gaining notoriety online. And by the way, building a vast network of relationships. It was finally in 2015, following his strong belief in the power of will, that he decided to create his own brand.

A blank page that allows him to give free rein to his personality. The designer makes no distinction between age, gender or origin when creating a new collection. Nicolò is still today the man behind the brand. In all aspects, from product design to manufacturing, from photography to marketing and communication.

The products

The collections are unisex, mainly composed of oversize sweatshirts, T-shirts. As well as shorts and comfortable pants. Volumes are intentionally amplified to obtain more modern silhouettes. Special attention is paid to jackets. Presented in the form of precious fabrics borrowed from the world of accessories.  The main colour is dark blue, combined with black. And subtle touches of chromatic tones.


Therefore, the brand Nicolò Tonetto is inspired by the urban world and music. A company with strong personalities and multicultural elements. The idea is to compose several models referring to the world of materials. Allied to that of the city : such as stones, asphalt or aluminium.

Furthemore, the collections with multifunctional and comfortable shapes. With a unique manufacturing and printed elements. Reflect a modern and universal language. Born from a sophisticated game with the modern world.

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